What is my Bearing Life

Dave the founder of Wheels Manufacturing performed tests in the lab to determine the bottom brackets bearing mileage wear. Keep in mind we are in a lab without any environmental concerns like dust or moisture. Just miles. This is what our research found.

OEM Bearings

Average lifespan 500 miles

ABEC 3 Bearings

Average lifespan 2000 miles

ABEC 5 Bearings

Average lifespan 2000 miles

Ceramic Hybrid (CH) ABEC-5 Grade

Average lifespan 5000 miles

Angular Contact (A/C)

Average lifespan 5000 miles

ZERØ Ceramic Bearings

Average lifespan 5000 miles

Bearing Service


Bearings can be serviced without removing from the cups. However, it is often easier to get a more thorough service completed with bearings removed from cups.

Angular Contact bearings are direction specific and come with two different color seals! Mark your bearings to note which side takes the black seal.

Lift up seal using a utility knife or pick. If servicing bearings outside of BB cups, remove both seals.

Clean seals and set aside. For Angular Contact bearings, note which side takes the black seal.

Flush out old grease with a de-greaser. Dry bearing to remove any traces of degreaser.

Pack bearing with new, clean bearing grease .

Lightly press seals onto bearing. Seals should sit flush to the outer face of the bearing races.

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