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How to select the correct T47 bottom bracket

T47 Bottom Bracket T47 bottom brackets are fairly new to all of us. Two advantages of the T47 system are that it can be used across a large spectrum of frames and with almost any crankset. Wheels Manufacturing currently offers T47 cups with either inboard bearings or outboard bearings. Both types of cups can accept […]

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What the 30mm?

Understanding the 30mm Crank Spindle There are several 30mm Crank spindles on the market today with more to come. Below is a list of a few of them currently on the market today: Rotor 3D30 – length 110mm Rotor 3D+ – length 148mm to 158.5mm Rotor 3DF – length 148mm to 158.5mm RaceFace Cinch / […]

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Shimano Direct Mount Derailleur Hangers

Shimano Direct Mount Derailleur Hangers These hangers replace both the standard hanger and the Shimano B-Link, offering a simpler, yet stiffer attachment of the derailleur to the frame. Additional benefits are quicker wheel changes and more precise shifting. Currently, Specialized, Kona, Trek and Donnelly do not offer direct mount hangers for these frames. Wheels Manufacturing […]

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Alterra Junior Cycling Team

Alterra Junior Cycling Team ​Alterra Home Loans Junior Cycling Team’s mission is to build stronger, healthier communities for the future through the sport of bicycling. They seek to expand the capabilities of youth from communities where exposure and access to this sport and lifestyle are limited. Their goal is to provide the lessons that will […]

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What is an Eccentric Bottom Bracket?

Eccentric Bottom Bracket An eccentric bottom bracket is actually an adapter that converts your PF30 or BB30 bottom bracket and allows users to adjust the fore-to-aft position of the crankset to add tension to their chain. This is done by rotating the off-center (or eccentric) axle position within the round frame shell to move it […]

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What is BBRight?

BBRight Bottom Bracket BBRight™ is a bottom bracket standard developed by Cervelo that uses Pressfit30 bottom brackets where the bearings are housed in press-in composite or aluminum cups, which are in turn pressed into the frame. Shell width: 79mm (Asymmetrical +11mm on Non-Drive Side) Shell inner diameter (ID): 46mm Two 6806 bearings (42mm OD, 30mm […]

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BB86 Bottom Bracket

BB86/92 Press fit bottom bracket frame shells use a simple bore with no internal threading. Shells of the PF41 standard have a smooth bore with a nominal 41mm inside diameter. This places the bearings 86mm apart – the same distance as its screw-in external bearings. But the BB86 bearings are totally enclosed within the bottom […]

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Road vs MTN BSA Bottom Bracket

Threaded Bottom Brackets Threaded bottom brackets use a shell with internal threads to hold threaded parts. The frame shell may be threaded directly at the shell, or there may be an insert installed that has internal threads. Typically threads are BSA (1.37″ x 24tpi), Italian (36 x 24tpi) or French (35mm x 1). Most of […]

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What is 386EVO?

386EVO Bottom Bracket The 386EVO standard is similar to the PF30 standard, but using a wider shell (86.5mm). The bearings (6806) are pressed in to composite or aluminum cups that are then pressed in to the frame’s bottom bracket. While originally designed to work with 386EVO cranks that have a 30mm spindle, many cranks with […]

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Cycling Socks

By Dave Batka – Founder of Wheels Manufacturing Cycling Socks. Proper attire for any occasion or just a bad fashion statement. When did cycling socks become something people wear every day? I’ve had cycling specific socks forever. In my early years racing we had wool socks for cold weather and super thin socks for hot […]