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T47 Bottom Bracket

What is a T47? The T47 as a larger version of traditional, and well-loved BSA threaded BB shells. T47 bottom bracket shells actually start life as standard 46mm inner diameter shells and are then threaded to M47x1.0mm. Much like a BSA shell, the right, or drive side, of the shell is left hand thread, and […]

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Cross Season is Upon Us

By Dave Batka – Founder of Wheels Manufacturing Cross season is upon us.  What’s going to happen to my bike when I ride it around in the muck? To me Cross season means the best time of year is here. Fall! Yes, Cross season starts too early. Cross is meant to be done at the […]

When to Service Your Bottom Bracket

How the Heck do you know When to Service your Bottom Bracket?

By Dave Batka – Founder of Wheels Manufacturing “How do I know when it is time to maintain my bb?” My usual response is “why does it matter? You aren’t going to work on it until it is busted anyway”. If you are one of those folks who actually wants your mechanical equipment running smoothly […]

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So you want just one bike do ya?

By Dave Batka – Founder of Wheels Manufacturing “If I buy just one bike, what should I get” I’ve been asked this question a lot over the years. Almost as many times as “what brand is the best” and “who has the best deal”. I’ll answer these two questions in a future article. The bike […]

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Why ride a bike?

By Dave Batka – Founder of Wheels Manufacturing “The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems” I’ve been riding somewhat seriously for over 40 years. Never have I missed a year completely. Not 2 kids and 6 surgeries keeping me off the bike. Not getting fat and old. Not […]

Where is the Creak coming from?

Where is that &*$#@ creak coming from?

By Dave Batka Where is the Creak coming from? Noisy bikes drive me crazy. I’ve told people in group rides I wouldn’t ride with them again until they fix their creaky squeaky bikes. I make bike parts for a living and after millions and millions of parts produced, all to replace a worn out something, […]

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What is the Difference between BB30 & PF30

Both standards are designed to use a crank arm spindle with a 30mm diameter (hence the ’30’ in the name), but with a BB30 set up the bearings sit directly in the frame, and with a PF30 the bearings are housed in a nylon or aluminum retainer that gets pressed into the frame. Tolerances need […]

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How to Remove Bottom Bracket Bearing

To remove your bottom bracket bearing from your bike you will first need to find out the size of thru hole 30mm, 24mm, and 22mm. Once you determine the size you will use the Bearing Extractor for that size crank spindle. Watch the Video Below We have all the tools to help you remove your […]